The joy of seeing the Lakers lose or something along those lines

Lakers losing makes me happy.

As I watched the Lakers and Mavericks play last night, it occurred to me that I was watching to see the Lakers lose. And when the Mavericks pulled the upset, I was happy.

I grew up a Warriors fan and naturally the Southern California counterparts are the teams I consider rivals. Granted the Lakers have been great for the past decade whereas the Warriors have been the opposite, it’s still nice to see the Lakers, the fans (including bandwagon ones) be miserable after the loss. With all the hype of their offseason acquisitions, this was cherry on the top.

Then I started to think about what this Lakers loss to me means. In a way, I valued a Lakers loss to the equal of a Warriors win. Seeing the Lakers lose was just as gratifying as a Warriors win.

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Which 49ers team are we going to see each week?

Alex Smith sets NFL record.

Now that I am no longer a full-time reporter covering the 49ers, it’s nice to watch the team again as a fan and really just enjoy the game without worrying about stats and quotes. But after watching last night’s game, I couldn’t help but start thinking as if I was on the beat again.

One thing that stood out to me was that this game was exactly what the 49ers wanted to do the remainder of the season. The 49ers defense set the tone by shutting down the Cardinals. On offense, the running game opened up the 49ers quick strike passing attack. The three touchdowns Alex Smith threw put the game away early and the Cardinals had no chance of coming back.

The ironic thing is that this is what Mike Singletary envisioned for the team when he was the head coach. The defense was strong enough to hold Larry Fitzgeraled to an unimpressive five-catch performance. The offense for the 49ers was fueled by the running game and the quick passes would also be in the mix. With that, the 49ers took the early lead, then pretty much sat on the ball for the second half. The Cardinals had no chance of winning.

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A new level of crazy in the football uniform department

Oh dear.

Saw this bit from UniWatch:

Carol City High School in Miami is going with this uniform set. As you can see, a full helmet headgear, block numbers, an Indian head on the front pants. This is way too much for my liking and with more high schools looking to get unique uniforms, I don’t expect this to be the last time we see something like this.

I’d like to see how this looks on the field buy judging by the picture, it won’t be pretty.

Real thoughts from an A’s fan about the Giants possibly winning the World Series again

Consider this a kind of a respectful rant if you will.

I grew up in the East Bay and the A’s are my team. I’ve been vocal about that for a while and it’s no secret. But unlike a lot of A’s fans, I do not hate, despise or whatever you call it with the Giants. They are the other team across the Bay. They aren’t a real rival to the A’s. I appreciate and love the Bay and I want good things for my area.

With that said, the Giants winning another World Series would be very tough on me as an A’s fan. Part of it is because I wish my team could have beat the Tigers. But the real reason has nothing to do with the game, but the aftermath.

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NFL to use pink penalty flags — as suggested by 11-year-old fan — for Dolphins-Jets game on Sunday

This is an interesting development. Pink penalty flags for Breast Cancer Awareness month. After thinking about this for a bit, I wonder why this isn’t a permanent thing. Players wouldn’t over-pink their uniforms and the flags would be a subtle, but noticeable change. I am for it, although I don’t like having breast cancer awareness associated with intentional grounding. But I think it’s a pretty neat idea and we’ll see how it looks.

Reineking Recalls: Eddie D.’s QBs

Getting ready for “A Football Life” tonight, this is a pretty sweet piece about the best QB successor stories in league history.

This is going to be a very interesting week to deal with

Who will win?

Growing up in the East Bay, I became an Oakland A’s fan and it’s the team I feel the most passionate about. With being an A’s fan, there is that “rivalry” with the San Francisco Giants.

At least to me, the rivalry doesn’t really exist. But in recent years, it has become something I think has gotten out of hand.

Since the Giants won the World Series in 2010, the bandwagon has gotten out of control for them. Pandering to their requirement for panda hats and fancy lifestying, the new Giants “fans” have given me an A’s fan a hard time. It seems that at any opportunity, they mock everything that is Oakland. Whether it’s the team’s stadium or even the city’s not so glamorous appeal, Giants fans have recently made an effort to look down on me and my team.

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What idiot thought Lil Wayne singing at AT&T Park was a good idea?

“Take Me Out to the Ballgame” is a great traditional song sung at ballparks. We’ve had great celebrities lead the song at stadiums all the time. But it isn’t for everyone. And that means Lil Wayne (better audio without crowd noise here).

Last night at AT&T Park, some idiot thought it was a good idea for a rapper to lead the song at the game. As you can hear, it was pretty brutal. Lil Wayne is very popular and has a lot of success, but he had no business at the park. Look at him wear that Giants cap like he just bought it five minutes ago.

This was a bad move by someone and whoever did it needs to be punished. Allowing Lil Wayne to do that was just not right.

Idiot fans of college football

A Miami fan runs onto the field and nearly messes up the play for his own team? That’s what happened last night and what’s more disturbing is that the fan actually made it onto the field. What happened to security? How come they didn’t prevent this idiot from getting onto the field?


Who thought this was a good idea?

These Iowa fans decided to wear prison jumpsuits with “J. Sandusky” on the back to the Iowa-Penn State game. I have problems with people who poke fun at the whole Jerry Sandusky thing. There is nothing about it that should be made fun of and yet we have idiots doing this.

Fortunately these idiots were immediately escorted out.

NFL’s pink Breast Cancer Awareness campaign actually worked

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

During the month of October for Breast Cancer Awareness month, the NFL is donned with pink everywhere. It’s on the field and worn by players and coaches. Sometimes it’s overwhelming and there is also an agenda to sell pink merchandise. I for one think there’s too much pink going on but the idea behind it is right.

It’s been several years the NFL has done this initiative and here comes a story about how it actually did help one woman become aware.

Here’s a letter she sent to the Jets a couple days ago.

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