49ers win over Jets reminds me of their approach last year against Giants

What’s it with the 49ers and their ability to outsmart the opposition from New York? As you can see from the above video, Rex Ryan did not like the fact that his team was unable to stop the rushing attack from the 49ers. In fact, the 49ers could have run the ball for every offensive snap and still win the game convincingly.

This comes after Darrelle Revis was likely lost for the season with an ACL injury. All week, “experts” wondered how the Jets would be able to move on without their best defensive player. In fact, how would the pass defense be able to stop the opponents from exposing them?

I bet the Jets all week were finding up defensive schemes for Kyle Wilson and Antonio Cromartie. Instead, the 49ers decided to run the ball for 44 of 68 offensive plays. Bet the Jets weren’t ready for that.

That takes me back to Week 10 last year when offensive coordinator Greg Roman revealed that against the Giants, he believed that the 49ers were expected to run. He expected the Giants to try to load the box.

So in that game, when the Giants were expecting a 49ers rushing attack, the 49ers came out throwing instead.

“As the defense continues to load the box more and more, we wanted to keep baiting and baiting (them),” Roman said after that game in 2011. “We wanted to come out throwing the ball a lot and the team did a great job of executing it.”

His strategy worked out as the 49ers won the game 27-20. Roman’s strategy worked out again yesterday as the 49ers went against what the Jets were expecting. Instead of passing and attacking the Revis-less secondary, the 49ers just ran the ball. Not only did it expose the Jets, but it also shows that Roman is a big-time offensive playcaller and if he keeps this up, don’t be surprised if another major college program seeks his services at season’s end.

Because if you expect one thing from the 49ers offense, Roman will throw something else your direction. And the way he did it yesterday, he just proved once again that the 49ers have a lot more up their sleeves.

Expect the unexpected from the 49ers offense.

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