Nike continues to have problems among NFL players

Linemen don’t like the new Nike uniforms.

As I have mentioned before on this blog, there were concerns about Nike’s takeover of the NFL in the uniform department. Other than the fabrics and design, I had worried that the transition wouldn’t be as smooth.

Since the debut back in April, there have been backlash on some of the design elements of the new uniforms. The flywire has been troublesome with several teams. The sweatbox continues to be very visually unappealing and for the pants, well, it’s just not pretty.

There are a lot of problems with the Nike uniforms and now linemen have voiced their displeasure with their new sets.

“I hate them. They are built for thin guys,” said Alex Boone, a 300-pound starting guard for the San Francisco 49ers. “It makes me look like I have big old love handles.”

If you continue reading that article, you can tell by the quotes that these linemen don’t like how they look with the new Nike set. And this is the problem with the Nike’s attempt to overtake the NFL.

With the new template of fabric and all the other gimmicky things they are putting in, it’s not really practical for every player. But of course, this is only a small sample size and not every lineman has complained.

But if you think about it, there had already been several complaints here and there about the new Nike sets and this just adds to it. Nike used to outfit the NFL and there weren’t complaints then. But Nike is a different company now, trying to make itself stand out. But in the process, they’ve ignored the common sense in producing a good football uniform.

More is less is what Nike should have thought about. Reebok didn’t do too much during their tenure but because of it, they didn’t have many complaints in their decade-long contract with the NFL. Nike has done too much and now they’re getting the backlash because of it.

I’m not a fan of what Nike has done to the NFL and this furthers my disappointment in their product.

4 thoughts on “Nike continues to have problems among NFL players

  1. Companies who try to create futuristic uniforms are full of it; in the process it can be an inconvenience for the sake of upgrade. That doesn’t always accomplish what appeals to the players, but it only appeals to the hype. I wouldn’t buy the newest and highest technology underwear unless I am hiking on Mt. Everest; and this is the NFL. Just make new uniform fabric technology using the same Reebok design, without the sweatboxes and the tightness, but at the same time still sporting a sleek look.

    We need NFL players to actually go inside the Nike headquarters to offer input in the designing of uniforms which includes try-ons and re-fitting. Did they? If so, why the complaints now?

    • Nike assumes that since the college people have little complaints, there would be no problems. But college kids won’t complain. Schools getting money from Nike won’t complain. Nike owns the schools. But the Nike doesn’t own the NFL. The NFL can switch to someone else just like that. The NFL doesn’t need Nike, but Nike needs NFL. Nike is starting to realize that now.

      • As Nike realizes this, there needs to be action taken. But it won’t be until 2013. We are stuck with this design until the next NFL season.

        If money didn’t rule, if contracts don’t bind, and the players keep posting grievances about the uniform, they would be changed midseason.

        I assume it doesn’t work this way. So the hype is going to be renewed in 2013, this time with truth.

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