These new Thunder alternates look extremely confusing to me

I don’t understand why they chose to go with this.

I don’t mind when teams introduce new alternates. As long as it somewhat either resembles their current set or has some kind of historical connection, it works.

But what appears to be the new Thunder alternate is just so confusing. How can that be associated with this?

I know the current set features a dark navy trim, but to make an entire set out of it with a design that has no connection to their uniform makes no sense. It’s a mixture of the old Royals set with with a cup of uninspired.

There is the strange vertical stripes down the jersey with the team name in a boring font. Adding the small number on the upper right and you have a disaster of a uniform. A terrible, terrible idea. Worse than a jump to conclusions mat.

I don’t know who in Adidas came up with this but it just doesn’t work. From a distance you can’t tell that this is a Thunder uniform set. Why not go with the orange at least? This bland uniform isn’t going to fly but somehow, someway, fans will buy it.

The team has not confirmed the new alternates and this is based off of what has been talked about recently. We’ll see how this develops.

And as for the Clippers’ new alternates, it works because it’s just a swap of colors from their road set.

One thought on “These new Thunder alternates look extremely confusing to me

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