I’m not sure about that “666” tweet, Tim Tebow

I am not a Tim Tebow the football player fan. But as a human being, I find him pretty cool. He’s caring, he has a strong faith foundation and seems like a genuinely good guy.

But the above tweet from today got me confused. Tebow tweets Bible verses frequently, but this one was strange as he made an effort to mention that this was the 666th Monday Night Football game. Was it necessary to mention 666? Or was he seriously trying to tell people that because it’s #666, God needed to get involved?

Maybe I’m overreacting to it but maybe I’m not. The #666 is commonly associated with the devil and I just find it very strange that Tebow had to mention it in his tweet. I’d like to think that was all coincidental but my initial reaction was a complete shock.

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Best marching band halftime show ever? I might have to say yes!

Well done, Ohio State. The kid in me smiles.