49ers up for a big test with two tough games in less than a week

On Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers will host the New York Giants in a rematch of last season’s NFC title game. This is a great test for the 49ers as they are once again facing the Giants (third time in two seasons) and this will be a good measuring point to see how good this team really is.

There’ s been a lot banter going back and forth this week and for the 49ers, this could be viewed as an opportunity to get payback. Or the 49ers can ignore that approach and just go out and perform well.

But aside from this tough rematch, the 49ers will face rival Seattle the following Thursday. That’s two games in five days. This isn’t something new as the 49ers were involved in a Thursday game last year. But this time, the 49ers stay at home.

Last year’s game went into overtime.

These quick turnarounds are always tough on any team. Bodies will be sore and the mind has to be fresh in order to absorb a week’s worth of study in a few days.

Standing at 4-1, the 49ers are expected to go into this challenge prepared. That’s how Jim Harbaugh approaches every game and this will be no different. This is the part of the schedule that the 49ers are expected to come out on top. The 49ers have four home games in six weeks with a bye in the middle. Their only road game during this stretch is in Arizona.

It’s a very favorable schedule but starting it off with two tough opponents will test the 49ers. Are they up to it? Can they separated themselves from the pack of “elite” teams and find their way back up on top?

We’ll learn a lot about this team in this five-day, two-game run.

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