What’s up with the design of this Patrick Willis bobblehead?

The 49ers opened up their new store and one of the things they’re selling is this Patrick Willis bobblehead. The photo of this, provided by manufacturer Forever Collectibles, shows Willis in attack mode.

Forever Collectibles is one of the top bobblehead companies in America but unfortunately, the bobblehead of Willis feature some issues.

The main one that you probably notice are the sleeve stripes. I know that the stripes are truncated, but these aren’t even horizontal. The vertical stripes is just carelessness to detail.

Secondly, why doesn’t Willis wear gloves? I know that most of the bobbles FC makes feature no gloves on their players, but when has Willis not worn gloves on the field?

The third problem is that the design of this jersey is based off the Reebok template, not the current Nike one. You can tell by the NFL Equipment shield on the collar, which was used during the Reebok era.

Plus, the pants are too shiny. Their current set is mainly just khaki.

And is the 49ers wordmark on the base their old font?

But aside from that, FC does a really great job with the details and look of all their bobbleheads and if you’re really into bobbleheads, this might be an item for you.


And for kicks, the newest 49ers commerical

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