Midnight What? The Five Most Overhyped Events in Sports

Truth right here. I get very excited about Opening Day in the MLB but I never overanalyze anything after one day. I have better sense than that.

The Crossing Route

Greetings, readers.

It’s been a long while since you last read anything from me. With school and whatnot, I’ve been quite busy. But I’m back, and today we’ll discuss a very important issue: Five sporting events that the media should not get all worked up about. Here are the five most overhyped events in sports:

5) The NBA Draft

Sure, the selection meetings of every professional sports league are mildly overhyped. But why did I single out the NBA for this list? Because, past the first ten picks of the first round, players rarely do anything substantial. I don’t care how much “wingspan” or “length” the center your team drafted in the second round has; if your general manager is planning on building a team around him, you’re in for a whole lotta losing.

4) College Football’s First AP Poll

The Arkansas Razorbacks were ranked eighth in the nation. Bobby…

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