Choosing Beyonce to perform the Super Bowl halftime show might just work out

It is now official. Beyonce will be performing the halftime show at the upcoming Super Bowl. For the most part, this was a pretty solid choice. She has international appeal, fits the younger audience demographic and looks to revitalize the halftime show after a very OK show last year with Madonna and visual/audio disaster with Black Eyed Peas two years ago.

After all, I doubt this would happen again.

I initially wanted an older group like Van Halen or The Eagles to do the show but after thinking about it, we’ve had older classic rock groups perform a lot recently. This might be a good chance to spice it up.

What makes this potentially interesting is that Beyonce has two distinct careers and she could pull both of them. Her earlier work with Destiny’s Child put her on the map and those songs are still fun to listen to. Her solo work following also brings a good sound and I am sure she would bring both of them together for a good show.

What I am concerned about is the other acts that will join her. We’ve had at one point NSYNC, Nelly, Aerosmith all join the stage at one point and my ears started to bleed.

Last year, M.I.A., LMFAO cluttered the stage too.

Since Beyonce isn’t a musician, it is likely she won’t be alone on stage. Who will join her? I would like to think Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland would for a Destiny’s Child reunion. But I am afraid they won’t and w’ll have Jay-Z join her on stage. Then probably some other rapper will join her followed by possibly Usher or Rihanna to add more to the confusion.

I like my halftime shows just about the music, not cluttering it with too many microphones.

Beyonce is a great choice but the decision to find her stage partners will be a tough one. I hope that we won’t be overwhelmed with the side acts but a part of me knows that if previous halftime shows are any indication, we’ll have a cluster on stage.


I had a list of my hopefuls a while back. Check them out.

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