Adidas teams up with Justin Bieber and I laugh

Adidas and Justin Bieber now have a new two-year partnership in which the singer will be the face of Adidas Neo.

I’ve voiced my displeasure of Adidas a couple times here. The company is a joke when it comes to sports outfitting and design. But the also market themselves to the non-sports fans, the people who like to dress up as Run DMC.

There it has staying power.

But I don’t know what message Bieber’s association sends to the masses. From what I know, unless you’re a teenager, Bieber’s not a great guy to market to the mass audience.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that Adidas is trying real hard to keep up with the other big companies. Maybe this will work and their new direction is something they want. But for me, this just further distances me away from the three stripes.