Sneak Peek: Top 10 Joe Montana Games

This should be a fun one. I wonder what is his top game? How many comeback wins are on this list?

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How do you pick the 10 most memorable games for the greatest QB of all time? It wasn’t easy, but this list will narrow down the defining moments in Joe Montana’s career and they may not all be pretty…

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Our list of “Top 10 Joe Montana Games” will be unveiled on NFL Network tonight at 10 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Pacific.

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Mocking Albert Pujols is OK in my book

Since joining the Angels, Albert Pujols is now the enemy to me. He plays for a division rival and I don’t want to see him succeed.

The fans of the St. Louis Cardinals probably feel the same way after seeing their star slugger leave. But guess what? The Cardinals are a win away from the World Series while the Angels finished in third place in their division.

Cue up the creative signs! This is from Game 3. Well done sir!