This is going to be a very interesting week to deal with

Who will win?

Growing up in the East Bay, I became an Oakland A’s fan and it’s the team I feel the most passionate about. With being an A’s fan, there is that “rivalry” with the San Francisco Giants.

At least to me, the rivalry doesn’t really exist. But in recent years, it has become something I think has gotten out of hand.

Since the Giants won the World Series in 2010, the bandwagon has gotten out of control for them. Pandering to their requirement for panda hats and fancy lifestying, the new Giants “fans” have given me an A’s fan a hard time. It seems that at any opportunity, they mock everything that is Oakland. Whether it’s the team’s stadium or even the city’s not so glamorous appeal, Giants fans have recently made an effort to look down on me and my team.

Now this isn’t to say all Giants fans are like that, but it’s the vibe I’ve been getting in recent years. And now with the Giants going back to the World Series, these new fans have reappeared and I can just sense them looking down on Oakland once again.

It’s tough to be the fan of a smaller, less popular team. But here we are. It’s going to be a tough week dealing with all the incoming news bits about the Giants.

But I will not discredit these Giants. What they did in these playoffs is nothing short of amazing. I wouldn’t want to face a team on such a hot momentum run right now. But I also know that the Tigers are no joke. After seeing them firsthand what they did to the A’s, they can still bring it with the best pitcher and best hitter in all of baseball.

With that said, this actually will be a really good World Series. It might go the full seven games, but I think that the Tigers (if the long wait doesn’t affect them) will win it. They have Justin Verlander available to pitch three times at least and their offense can put up some runs early.

If the Giants win the World Series, I don’t mind. It really wouldn’t affect me. The only problem is that once again, the bandwagon fans will have another reason to point and mock me and my team’s situation. It’s a tough that that I will have to endure for another year. The first time around wasn’t easy and this time around might get a little harder.

My World Series prediction has the Tigers winning in six games. But I am not very sold on that. I see a Giants win in Game 7 also very likely. It’s very evenly matched up.

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