The joy of seeing the Lakers lose or something along those lines

Lakers losing makes me happy.

As I watched the Lakers and Mavericks play last night, it occurred to me that I was watching to see the Lakers lose. And when the Mavericks pulled the upset, I was happy.

I grew up a Warriors fan and naturally the Southern California counterparts are the teams I consider rivals. Granted the Lakers have been great for the past decade whereas the Warriors have been the opposite, it’s still nice to see the Lakers, the fans (including bandwagon ones) be miserable after the loss. With all the hype of their offseason acquisitions, this was cherry on the top.

Then I started to think about what this Lakers loss to me means. In a way, I valued a Lakers loss to the equal of a Warriors win. Seeing the Lakers lose was just as gratifying as a Warriors win.

Maybe this is because the Warriors winning is so rare that a Lakers loss is probably on the same chances of happening. Or maybe it’s because the NBA is rigged and that one of the top teams losing is the only true joy I find in the sport.

Realistically, other than the Lakers, Heat and Thunder, are there any other teams actually title contenders? I don’t think so. That’s why the league is so boring. The parity is bad.

So in a sense, celebrating a Lakers loss should be higher on my list because it’s a bigger accomplishment. And in a way, it might give me that .5% chance that the Lakers might not be that good.

Plus Dwight Howard is overrated, so I am glad he shot his usual piss-poor ways at the free throw line.

I can’t wait for the Warriors to get their season underway today but no matter what happens, I’ll be happy that the Lakers lost their opener.

Have a good Halloween everyone and be careful.

Be careful not to get candy on the wrong day.

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