Are the Warriors on pace to be the best team in the NBA this year?

Ugly win last night but I’ll take it!

The answer is no. (Although the Warriors are undefeated and the Lakers are winless, which is nice.)

But now that I got your attention, I do want to take a little time to think about last night’s ugly win over the Suns.

Prior to the game, the Warriors signed Stephen Curry to a multi-year deal. Investing a lot of money on a guy who could never stay on the court due to injuries the past couple years. That’s not something I would have done. But in this day and age where talented players are leaving the team, I suppose this is the team’s effort to hold on to a big name in time for their move to San Francisco.

And speaking of Curry, he was terrible last night. David Lee must’ve ate at the same place Curry did because both of them did not look good. Andrew Bogut for the most part in his limited minutes became a strong presence down low.

Carl Landry was the guy that really stepped up and I think he may be the key sixth man for the team. He has great hustle and awareness. And more importantly, his veteran savvy is just enough to give this team some “uumph” down the stretch.

What the Warriors have are a scrappy team still finding its identity. I am not so sure of their offensive scheme just yet but their defense looked pretty good last night. Or maybe the Suns just suck. Either way, the Warriors will play along their defensive strengths and also start to hopefully find an offensive rhythm.

The Warriors likely will battle for the last playoff spot down the stretch and they might have enough talent to do so. What they need to do now is win these early games and get themselves into a good pace.

Nearly two decades of frustration with one playoff appearance is a culture the Warriors need to erase. A win to open the season is a good start. The Warriors won’t be the best team in the NBA, but maybe they’ll find their niche down the road and at least be worthy of a playoff spot.

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