New Houston Astros uniform set isn’t bad, but could be better

The new look Astros!

The Houston Astros unveiled their new team identity this Friday and for the most part, it was what we expected. Of course, there had been leaks here and there but seeing them officially gave me a pretty unique feeling about it.

For one thing, I like it when teams take a little bit of their past history into their current identity. But maybe these Astros could have taken from another part of their past. However, this new set is refreshing to the eyes.

The only problem I have with it is that despite it being simple, it’s too generic. It just seems like any other baseball uniform out there with the generic text and template. For a team trying to so hard to emphasize the “NASA” aspect of their identity, space travel seems so boring if we look at their uniform.

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Too bad we’re not going to have the Winter Classic this year

Farewell Winter Classic.

With the NHL lockout, I was fearful of an entire lost season. Not only would the interest in hockey suffer a major blow, but now we’ve lost the Winter Classic.

As you may recall back in February when they first announced the upcoming Winter Classic, I was ecstatic for it and what it could lead to for the West Coast.

This annual matchup always brings the best out of hockey. Not only did the 24/7 series give us a glimpse of what a real hockey dressing room looks like, but it also was pretty sweet to see hockey outdoors.

Now with the Winter Classic gone, it is starting to hit me that we won’t have hockey this season. The NHL has grown on me since I lived in San Jose and every year I hope for the Sharks to finally win the Cup. Now I wait and hope for that chance to come around.