New Houston Astros uniform set isn’t bad, but could be better

The new look Astros!

The Houston Astros unveiled their new team identity this Friday and for the most part, it was what we expected. Of course, there had been leaks here and there but seeing them officially gave me a pretty unique feeling about it.

For one thing, I like it when teams take a little bit of their past history into their current identity. But maybe these Astros could have taken from another part of their past. However, this new set is refreshing to the eyes.

The only problem I have with it is that despite it being simple, it’s too generic. It just seems like any other baseball uniform out there with the generic text and template. For a team trying to so hard to emphasize the “NASA” aspect of their identity, space travel seems so boring if we look at their uniform.

But let’s take a look at the actual uniform set.

I am not really feeling the bevels in the logo.

The home whites are simple and I can accept that. The team has designated the orange tops for their Friday home games. Their Saturday home games will feature the orange caps. Sunday will feature the batting practice jerseys. A very unique schedule that features the BP jerseys as a full-time thing.

I like the orange tops (which is pretty nice) and it gives the team a unique identity. I wonder if they’ll ever pair that with the orange caps. That’s a look I hope to see soon.

Their batting practice jerseys are a awesome one with a simple chest logo and the side piping (picture here) is a great homage to the questionable uniforms of the 1970s.

The road set is also very simple and plain. I think it’s just OK. Much like the home whites, it works but it could have been better.

Their BP jerseys may be their best set.

I like that they have three caps to choose from. I would like to see the solid caps at home full time and the orange brims for the road. The full orange should be used at home only with both the white or orange tops.

Overall, the entire new look isn’t earth-shattering, but it does build a new, better identity for the Astros. I wouldn’t say it is as magnificent as Toronto’s last year but it’s an upgrade over their old brick look. Not great, but good enough going into the American League.



They had this whole NASA/alien angle to unveil Orbit the new mascot. I was confused.

Some green alien thing?

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