For the first time in team history, the Panthers are wearing black pants

Throughout the Carolina Panthers’ uniform history, they’ve never worn black pants. It was an idea when they first started designing uniforms but never came to be.

But thanks to the above tweet, we get to see what it looks like before they hit the field today. Black jersey with black pants (with their silver helmet) should provide a very unique look. This is a welcomed change for a team that has done little change to their overall design since their birth in 1995. I like their current set and these black pants only add on to what I think is a modern classic.

Let’s just hope that they pair these pants with the blue socks for visual balance.

A look at the black pants.


Also, a big thank you to all the veterans on Veterans Day. I never seem to remember that Veterans Day doesn’t always fall on a Monday. But I guess that’s Hallmark for ya.

Expect to see more of what we’ve seen this past week. Lots more camouflage gear, American flag-themed signs should adorn stadiums all throughout this weekend.

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