Head of Yahoo! Sports apologizes for fantasy site’s malfunction

New excuse: Yahoo! Sports wasn’t working

If you had problem with your fantasy lineup this morning on Yahoo!, the head of Yahoo! Sports sends an apology.

This comes a little over 12 hours since the fantasy site failed to load and fantasy football owners who waited until the last minute were scrambling.

Luckily for me, I had my lineup ready. But I did try to check my lineup and was left with pages that didn’t load. I am glad that the head of Yahoo! sent this apology but the timing was just so bad.

Here’s the full letter sent via email to all fantasy users:

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Is there a solution to prevent ties in the NFL?

Let me say a few things first about this game that ended in a tie.

  • The 49ers played terribly and did not deserve to win.
  • The Rams played terribly and did not deserve to win.
  • I find ties funny and they intrigue me, but they should be something that the NFL has to get rid of soon.

With that said, I don’t know if there is a solution. Double overtime would run the safety of the players at risk. Also, adopting the college style isn’t a solution either. The NFL isn’t a gimmick league where giving an offense free yardage is a way to determine the ending to a game.

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