NFL fantasy football: Ben Roethlisberger possibly out awhile

During last night’s game, there were at least five different reports before Mike Tomlin spoke in his postgame press conference. Via Twitter, there were reports of Roethlisberger having a sprain, to a separated shoulder and even after the game for ESPN to admit that they actually knew nothing about what they were reporting.

I think one issue that has been so frequent in the NFL is that there are so many insiders out there with supposed knowledge that it clouds up all the information and sometimes, the information is wrong. Can’t we just wait until the official team word comes out? We knew that he was hurt, was it so necessary to try to get the word out first without being accurate? I guess that in these times of Internet technology, you need to be first more over being right.

2 thoughts on “NFL fantasy football: Ben Roethlisberger possibly out awhile

  1. I think the goal of being first and not being sure if you are accurate is that, HOPEFULLY you are right. That way you are first, and by LUCK you are right. Sadly, even if they are wrong 99% of the time the 1% they are right will encourage them to keep doing it.

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