Chipper Jones tweets his thoughts on who killed John F. Kennedy

The great thing about Twitter is that it allows numerous people to publicly share their thoughts on anything. And just a few moments ago, recently retired baseball player Chipper Jones tells everybody that Lee Harvey Oswald could not have killed John F. Kennedy.

(He’s been on record about this before.)

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Our Uniform is Your Canvas: The Brewers Are Putting the “YOU” in “YOUniform”

Brewers want you to design a uniform for them to wear during Spring Training. Pretty cool promotion.

Cait Covers the Bases

So I have been pretty excited about this promotion for some time now.  It’s really been hard to keep this one a secret.  I’m a self-proclaimed sports uniform/jersey/logo nerd.  It’s OK, I’m cool with it. If you are like me, or have a knack for creativity and design or just want to put your mark on Brewers baseball, then this contest is for you.

The Brewers are inviting fans to take part in their “Design a YOUniform” contest. That is right. We are looking for fans to design a Brewers uniform and cap that the Brewers will wear during a 2013 Spring Training game.

Templates for the contest and complete rules will be available online at and at the Brewers Team Store by Majestic at Miller Park.  The template allows fans to design the jersey top and cap and contestants can create their design digitally or by hand.  Design…

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The Mets’ new blue alternates are a good trip back to the old school

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The last time the Mets had a blue alternate jersey in their uniform style guide as a full-time deal was back in the 1980s. The Mets were good back then. The team just unveiled that they are wearing blue again with a new home and road set.

Similar to their current set, the blue is simple yet it is very distinct. The orange piping on the jerseys really give this set a nice touch. As you can see, the home jersey has orange lettering while the road jersey has silver lettering.

From 1982-84, the Mets had silver lettering for their blue tops so this is a good tribute to that time period.

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