Stockton Ports unveil new kick-asparagus Friday uniform set

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The Stockton Ports (Oakland A’s Single-A affiliate) unveiled today their Friday home uniforms that takes a piece of their town’s culture as well as a slight detour from their current set.

As you can see, they’ve adopted some kind of Popeye like character, which also is completely different from their current mascot Splash.

But going along with the theme of silly looking logos on minor league baseball baseball uniforms, the Ports did just that with their Popeye look and their asparagus ways.

Asparagus? Oh you didn’t know the town has an annual asparagus festival? Now you do.

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St. Louis Cardinals are doing something to uniform for first time in 80 years

Cardinals going old school with their new alternate jerseys.

For the first time in 80 years, the St. Louis Cardinals will have a jersey that has the team’s city name on it. The Cardinals will officially unveil these later Friday as their new Saturday alternate.

Different from their current home set, the jersey is a cream color and will not feature the player numbers on the front. This leaves the Yankees, Tigers and Dodgers as the only remaining MLB teams without an alternate jersey.

“Yes, it’s traditional. And if you ask me should we stay in that elite company of having home whites and road grays, I would say we should, but … ” President Bill DeWitt III said. “Look at this (third) jersey. I see it and think, ‘We’ve got to wear that thing.’ ”

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