Could St. Louis Rams go back to their blue and white uniforms full time?

Deacon Jones

St. Louis Rams COO Kevin Demoff was on a radio show and touched on a lot of various topics. One topic was the possibility of a new uniform for the Rams. At earliest the Rams could change to a new set would be 2014 but that hasn’t stopped the talk about what the new uniform set could look like.

The Rams have sported their current set since the 2000 season and it has remained mostly unchanged. The idea is that the team might want to revisit their uniform set from the 1960s.

This set harks back to the day of the ferocious defensive line led by Deacon Jones. Its simplistic feature of only two colors made this Rams team one of the best looking teams of all time.

But also, the team will not ignore another set from their history: the blue and yellow.

Marshall Faulk

We all remember how great the Los Angeles team was in the 1980s and the championship team in 1999. That is an iconic look for the Rams organization and surely a return to that isn’t out of the question either.

But with the wave of going back more than a few decades is what’s in right now. Both New York teams have done that and so have the 49ers. The Rams going back to the 1999 look would be more of a sign of their admittance that their current set was a mistake.

If I had a say, the blue and white is a perfect look and if the Rams had to go back to the old school, that’s what I would like to see.


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