Jeff Tedford’s dismissal at Cal and going forward for the program

Cal’s winningest coach of all time.

News is circulating now that the California Golden Bears have fired Jeff Tedford. This comes on the heels of a disappointing season under Tedford and a desire to go into a new direction for the program.

This was the right move to make but as a Bears fan, this is a tough one to accept also. What Tedford did in his decade of coaching brought relevance the program again. He got the Bears ranked on a consistent basis, made them contenders nearly every year for the Pac-10 title and got the team into bowl games.

Tedford also produced major NFL stars under his tenure and gave Berkeley a football team to be proud of.

His success with the program can’t and shouldn’t be ignored.

But in recent years, the disappointment arose with conservative playcalling and recruits just not delivering on the field. Waiting another year for Tedford would have led to an insane amount of pressure for the program.

I look back at this program and remember the good times under Tedford. The program’s winningest coach can hold his head up high and know that he made a huge difference for Berkeley. More importantly, Cal football became a serious place for recruits to go because of him.

It looks like he will find a place to work real soon. He’s too talented of a man not to find a football coaching gig elsewhere. It’s just a shame that his time at Cal had to end like this. It was a good run, but change had to be made.

The program will bounce back and I believe it will be relevant again. It will just be a matter of time.


One thought on “Jeff Tedford’s dismissal at Cal and going forward for the program

  1. I’m so sad, Sam! Yes we’ve been on the decline, but ppl forget about our 1-10 years! I know it’s part of the business, but ughhh. So conflicted.

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