49ers fans better check themselves before they wreck themselves on QB situation

Choose one. But don’t act a fool doing it.

This isn’t a generalization of 49ers fans, but I’ve seen enough of this to have an idea of what a portion of them are thinking.

In my three years as a 49ers beat writer, I got a chance to really see how 49ers think. I grew up a 49ers fan but not in the age of social media where everything can be easily expressed publicly. So for me in those three years, it became a learning experience.

I got a chance to see how these 49ers fans react to certain news and really get an idea of how being a fan has evolved over the years.

So when this “QB controversy” between Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick arose, it became quite apparent to me that there are just some diehards out there that need to buckle up their seat belts.

There are obvious Smith haters out there. I get it. After seven years of frustration, there is disdain for him. But the constant hate towards him despite winning 20 games in less than two years is baffling.

Maybe there is a fear that he will revert back to his old ways. But isn’t the reason why he hasn’t succeeded is because of the constant change in the coaching staff?

There are also the lovers of Kaepernick just out of the hate of Smith. Or maybe because the backup is a backup. He reminds people of an explosive Steve Young.

Regardless of which quarterback you choose, it seems to me that people are losing their logical minds. And this isn’t just 49ers fans, all fans are like that. The sense of reality escapes them.

The arguments of trying to prove someone wrong when there is no right answer. The failed attempts to belittle one another for the sake of looking smarter than the average bear. The attempts to prove that somehow, someway, their football IQ is just that much better than professional NFL coaches.

It’s a sad trend that has evolved recently. I’m sure it’s always been but with so much information access, it’s really starting to hit me. It’s like they’re yelling at a brick wall and waiting for a response.

Is there a way to stop it? Not likely. This is part of the way sports works. There are the logical fans and there are the crazy fans.

Maybe I’m naive to believe that we are better than this. Or maybe I’m just realizing that these are the people I just don’t understand.

2 thoughts on “49ers fans better check themselves before they wreck themselves on QB situation

  1. To truly understand the 49er fans beholding the Lombardi trophies from the ghosts of the past, we have to understand the stock market (not that I am comparing 49er fans to the stock market, but the high and lows of it), when the stock market is high, both the shareholders and the would-be-liquidators are happy, and when the stock market is low, everyone is bent on going to hell and people protesting for the 1% or the 99%, whichever comes first.

    In this case, through the perplexing Alex Smith saga of lows and now the highs…with his successor showing hints of Steve Young-like greatness, it sends the 49er fans howling.

    Just wait until there is a full moon.

  2. Another way to put a perspective on this, is to realize NFL football doesn’t always have to be old-fashioned blue collar football but the fans also want to see spectacular ropes of throws, blazing feet, resurrection of Vernon Davises, passes thrown for bombs, the Tom Brady-like dispensation, the spiraling into excitement, and the fans want to see the wide receivers happy and worshipping their quarterback.

    Alex Smith can win under the right guardianship, the supporting cast of offensive coaches and while he might be a highly rated passer he still doesn’t have the mettle of a Tom Brady or an Aaron Rodgers. Fans don’t just want a blue collar quarterback who can grunt his way to a win. They want something more than that.

    I love Alex Smith and hope he stays on as a backup while Kaepernick passes his way to become his successor.

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