NC State’s uniform tribute to Jimmy V may be the best I’ve ever seen

Jimmy Valvano celebrating the 1983 championship.

The great coach Jim Valvano has inspired a lot of people over the years. Since his passing of cancer in 1993, memories of his celebration in the 1983 NCAA tournament and his speech at the ESPY’s a couple months before his death have inspired people.

The Jimmy V Foundation has raised awareness and funds for research to find a cure for cancer. And to honor him, the NCAA have an annual Jimmy V basketball tournament. He was truly one of the most beloved people ever in college hoops.

NC State, the school he coached, decided to honor him with something that I think may be the best looking tribute I have ever seen in any sport.

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Happy birthday to two of my favorite baseball people of all time

Growing up as an A’s fan, the Yankees were public enemy number one. I hated everything that was all Yankees. But over the years, as I watched more Yankees baseball as the enemy, I really grew an appreciation for two players. One was Derek Jeter. The other is birthday boy Mariano Rivera.

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