Hey Dwight Howard, why do you suck so much at free throws?

The Hack-a-Howard is in full effect in the NBA and the Lakers are 8-10 due in part that their starting center is missing free throws left and right. It’s a brilliant defensive strategy and it works to take advantage of the opposition’s weakness.

But what puzzles me is this: Why does Dwight Howard suck at free throws so much?

I can come up with scientific reasoning like his arms are too strong, his hands are too big, and he has no finesse. But those are all lame excuses.

Shooting 47% is terrible. Airballing them is even worse. It’s not that hard.

I’ve been on an NBA floor before and I have shot free throws. I at least make contact with the rim. Heck, I can actually make them with ease. Free throws aren’t hard.

It’s hard to understand how athletes, especially professional basketball players, can shoot anything under 70% from the free throw line. It’s like seeing a quarterback not know how to hand the ball off to the running back. Or a baseball player not knowing how to catch a pop up. They’re all simple, common plays in the sport.

I can’t expect every free throw to be made, but Howard has shown a new level of pathetic with his free throw shooting. I’m not complaining though. The Lakers struggling is a good thing. But seriously, why are free throws so hard for him? I can shoot better than he does.

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