Vikings punter Chris Kluwe uses Post-It note to tell Hall of Fame to put Ray Guy in

Chris Kluwe’s form of protest.

For all NFL games this week and next week, teams will wear a 50th anniversary patch for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

It’s a nice gesture and I think it’s really appropriate to honor the history of the game.

But as you can see from the above picture, Vikings punter Chris Kluwe feels that the Hall of Fame is discrediting Ray Guy.

With the current movement to recognize punters’ contributions to the game, I think this is a cool way to get the Hall’s attention.

Guy has all the credentials of a great punter and I believe he should be in the Hall.

More importantly, the Post-It note idea by Kluwe was clever and pretty neat that he kept it on while he was on the field. It was a small little change to the patch and I think it was very appropriate.

Now, I don’t think every player should be doing that and posting notes of players they want to see in the Hall, but Guy does have a Hall of Fame career and I hope the Hall considers him in the very near future.

Punters are people, too!

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