The story behind Frank Gore’s dead Miami Dolphins sweatshirt

Frank Gore rocking his Pink Dolphin.

Frank Gore rocking his Pink Dolphin.

San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore emerged from the locker room after his team’s 27-13 win over the Miami Dolphins sporting this unique sweatshirt. Given that the 49ers had just beat the Dolphins, the timing of this clothing choice was spot on.

It was definitely a shirt that caught the attention of anybody who saw it and Gore took the opportunity to explain why he wore it.

“I had this before the season,” said Gore. “I know we had the Dolphins on the schedule. I’m not playing there, so I said, ‘We’ve got to flip them upside down when we play them.’”

Gore had 63 yards rushing on the day and a touchdown. The Miami native has spoken highly of his home town for a number of years but since he doesn’t play for the Dolphins, his feelings for the team are a little different.

But where did this sweatshirt come from?

I did some digging around on the Internet and found out that the company that made this is called Pink Dolphin. You can check out their line of clothing here.

The specific sweatshirt that Gore is wearing is no longer for sale, but if you are wondering, it goes for about $60.

I’m not too familiar with the clothing brand but by looking at the different designs, it appears to be a company that likes to have dolphins on their clothes.

Gore isn’t the only famous person to wear Pink Dolphin. Singer Chris Brown and former Warriors forward Dorell Wright like Pink Dolphin also. By wearing the sweatshirt, it’s free publicity for the company.

It’s a pretty popular brand and with Gore purchasing the sweatshirt in advance, what better and perfect time to wear it than after beating the Dolphins?

One thought on “The story behind Frank Gore’s dead Miami Dolphins sweatshirt

  1. Nice story on the Pink Dolphin sweatshirt hoodie. I guess Gore digged around on the Internet too and found the perfect product for a future (which was now) victory over the Phins. Flipping it upside down was a new concept to me, glad I learn new things especially as a diehard 49er fan. Gives me insight into things.

    Frank Gore is a true football player. He earns everything and goes for it. Not too many like him, and I am eternally grateful he accomplished all he has as a 49er. I have no problem putting him in the same group as Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott, Dwight Clark, Roger Craig, and Jerry Rice. Gore is the same as these guys.

    A 49er legend.

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