The new MLB batting practice caps are a breath of fresh air

I woke up this morning to this. I did not expect information about the new batting practice caps to break out so soon but with this news, I am overly excited. This is the first batting practice cap I’ve been really excited about since the first row of 39thirty mesh caps debuted a decade ago.

And much like the caps of a decade ago, the mesh style is back and apparently the design concept goes along the same lines.

Click the link in the above tweet to see all of them. I’ll break down the Oakland A’s one.

This cap is so beautiful that I might have to get it immediately when it is available.

New batting practice cap for A’s.

As you can see by most of the caps, the design elements are slightly different from the team’s regular caps. Whether it’s the contrasting colors between crown and brim or an alternate logo, this is very refreshing.

If you look at the A’s cap, it’s very similar to the A’s home cap except the logo is the elephant. I am a huge fan of the elephant and having this as an official cap is gorgeous. It really is a part of the team history that a lot of people don’t know about.

The mesh style makes it breathable for the spring training games and because it’s different enough from the regular season caps, I find that it’s a perfect fit. Batting practice caps are meant to be different, sometimes abstract, caps that are there for meaningless games. But sometimes teams hit home runs with these and MLB and New Era got it right.

These caps are so good that I might even get caps of teams I don’t care about. Some are so intriguing and I’ll have to wait until I see them in person to really absorb which ones I like. So far, Toronto, Colorado, Arizona, New York Mets, Cincinnati are ones that stand out to me. Some have a throwback look while others have an alternate look. They’re all so unique and that’s what makes these batting practice caps such an upgrade.


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