SJSU Football Military Bowl trip: Spartans win 29-20 and I’m all smiles

I had to keep warm, but I was too juiced to really even notice the weather.

Here’s my recap of the actual day of the game and all that went down. The day began with us heading to RFK Stadium. My friend Pete and his brother (along with his kids) joined us for the game. I had never been to RFK before but I hear it has a lot of history and isn’t all that aesthetic. That was correct on both parts.

But as we got there, all I could do was just be excited for the school’s journey so far. We sat in the parking lot (which was an adventure in itself to find) and drank a few beers, threw a football around. With about half an hour before kickoff, we went inside and then the fun began.


After getting the tickets from will call (which happened to be the cheapest tickets available), we go in and start to look around to find the seats.

The seats we bought were nosebleeds but that was OK because that actually worked in our benefit — which I will explain later.

It was so great to see the team come out to a monstrous cheer. Actually, not really as monstrous as the stadium was pretty empty. The paid attendance was 17,835 and I think half of them might have shown up. But still, seeing the cheer squad and the team come out was great.

The national anthem was played by this bad that was no good that I didn’t even bother to remember their name. But the fly by jets after the anthem got me juiced.

There were more Bowling Green fans at the game but it was still good to see Spartans walking around the top deck. The stadium itself isn’t very appealing but I suppose with me having grown up to baseball games at the Coliseum, I am accustomed to it.

The Spartans scored first touchdown of the game and I was all giddy and happy. The offense wasn’t the same without Mike MacIntyre but I still believe the team was ready to play this game. The game ended up being a back and forth battle of field position and a few mental errors.

Since we were up top and so few people showed up, at halftime, all people sitting on top were offered free upgrades to the lower level. So essentially, the $60 I would have bought never happened. Instead the $25 tickets got me $90 seats. That gave me a chance to sit closer to the SJSU bench, the band and the other fans. I even got to see a friend of mine who was on the cheer squad.

And guess who else was there? Krazy George! He’s been an SJSU fixture for years and it was awesome to see him make the trip. Oh, and Cal Ripken, Jr. was here too.

The game was back and forth but when SJSU took the lead of 22-20 with about four minutes left, I was confident that one stop was going to end it. And just like that, the Spartans forced the turnover and used it to get a touchdown to ice the game.

After the game, I ran all the way down to the edge of the bleachers to watch the trophy presentation. David Fales was named MVP (and confirmed he’ll return next season) to a loud cheer. The trophy celebration was sweet and the players also did the fight song with the crowd.

It was a great experience and I don’t think I will ever forget such a greater and prouder moment to be a Spartan. Part of the reason why I went to this school was the hope that the football team would be something big. The 11-win season was the best in team history.

It was just beautiful and I must say that the entire trip was worth every penny to be part of something so wonderful.

And to celebrate, we went to Ben’s Chili Bowl — a famous spot that even Barack Obama has eaten before.

Now I’m back home and resting back on the West Coast. A great trip but now it’s back to NFL work.


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