Terrell Owens forced to work at Goodwill store by rule of judge

Terrell Owens worked eight hours in a Goodwill store in Studio City, CA.

It’s been a very tumultuous 2012 for Terrell Owens. After showing up on Dr. Phil and revealing that he has a lot of baby mama drama, it was also revealed that he’s trying to hold onto these relationships with women despite falling behind on child support payments.

Not only that, his source of income isn’t as very strong as he was unable to latch onto an NFL roster for the regular season.

As pointed out by Black Sports Online, that all led to him being forced to work at a Goodwill store for eight hours as part of community service for being behind on child support payments a traffic violation.

Most times it’s easy to mock Owens for his misfortunes. After all, he brought all this upon himself. Not only has his responsibilities as a father been very poor, but his character as a teammate in football hasn’t been great either. I’m not sure if he’ll ever learn and it’s so sad that he’s wasting away like this.

There’s a part of me that hopes that he will at least get his life right and stop being in the news for all these sad stories. Yet every time I see his name, it’s not for something good and maybe he’s to the point of no return.

I hope one day he gets his act right and becomes a more responsible person. And in order for that to happen, he has drop his ego and pride and accept the consequences of his past decisions. Maybe this Goodwill store punishment is a step in the right direction.

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