This is bad: A New York Mets postgame press conference cap?

Why? It’s so bad!

This is not good. Mets Bro has an image of a rumored postgame press conference cap that the team is adopting for the upcoming season. Players and coaches will wear this after the game when they meet the media.

Not only is this a sad attempt at a money grab, but they aren’t even good looking. I don’t know if other teams are doing it as well. But if these are available to the public, I hang my head in shame.

What’s that orange fuzz at the edge of the cap brim?

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So what exactly is a die-hard fan?

To me, a die-hard fan is a fan that follow the team, knows almost everything about the coaches and roster and has to have at least followed the team for maybe five years or so.

But apparently this guy is not a die-hard. Because if he was, then he’d recognize the team’s backup quarterback that came into the game during the playoffs for them. A die-hard should know what the backup quarterback looks like.

Kirk Cousins of course was probably surprised at this. But then again, football players wear helmets so you don’t see their famous that often. But hey, I guess this guy needs to re-evaluate his stance as a die-hard fan.

ESPN lets Rob Parker go after evaluation

We were all familiar with Rob Parker’s controversial comments on RG3. He apologized for it and ESPN suspended him for 30 days. That meant that his 30-day suspension would have been up on January 12. Instead they say that his contract expired and they didn’t renew it.

This was the calling by a lot of fans to have him fired immediately after his comments. But the wording of this is so strange. If his contract was going to expire, then what’s the point of the 30-day suspension? Or was this another way of saying that they fired him without actually saying it.

Either way, it’s a tough one for Parker who has said some controversial things before. The statement says that the RG3 comments weren’t only thing evaluated, but it obviously was the main factor.

I at least hope he took his apology to heart and will be better going forward.

Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Stars start pathetic Twitter feud

Earlier in the day while responding to a fan’s question, the Dallas Cowboys took a jab at the Dallas Stars. The tweet was later deleted but as you can see, the Stars caught it before it went off the Internet.

In response to it, the Stars posted the above image, saying that their #9 can get the job done. That’s Mike Modano with the team’s Stanley Cup trophy.

After seeing this, I have to say this is pretty pathetic on both sides of the argument.

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San Jose State Football finishes No. 21 in the AP Poll

Final AP Poll rankings.

Final AP Poll rankings.

With the conclusion of the very boring BCS title game, the AP Poll is officially out for the final time this season and San Jose State is ranked No. 21.

After being ranked No. 24 before their win at the Military Bowl, I had big hopes in that the team’s potential in remaining in the Top 25 with a win and boosting up the program.

This is one step towards that mark. This is pretty awesome!

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