My predictions for Sunday’s Divisional round games

Round 2 of the playoffs are here! With that said, here are my quick predictions on today’s games.

Beast Mode will destroy the Falcons.


The Falcons have all the pressure in the playoffs to get that albatross off their back. Their past playoff failures will be magnified with a microscope as they are the #1 seed. Can their passing attack beat the Seahawks? Matt Ryan has all the tools to have a fantastic day but the running game is the concern. Michael Turner has not been used as much and this time with Jacquizz Rogers is looking more split.

But the Falcons have a fantastic defense themselves and that will be a challenge to stop a very dangerous Marshawn Lynch. But I won’t forget that rookie Russell Wilson has played great ball this year and has developed this passing attack very well. Sidney Rice could be a big factor in this game.

However, I will take the popular pick in Seattle because they are playing the best football in my opinion right now and I just don’t think Atlanta has shown enough to prove that their past failures are behind them.

Seattle will explode late in the game and run away with the win.



Unstoppable offense vs immovable defense.


This might be another blowout win by the Patriots. Tom Brady is playing at an MVP level this year and the passing game has been rejuvenated recently. With both Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski healthy, the middle of the field will be a huge part of their attack. Add in Wes Welker, Brandon Lloyd and the flurry of other weapons, the passing attack will be a huge battle for the Texans.

J.J. Watt will be the deciding factor in this game I believe. Along with the rest of the defensive line, the pressure on Brady will dictate the game. A lot of pressure will also be on the secondary to stop the passing attack and if they can do that, they might be able to hang with the Patriots.

This will be the game that Arian Foster will be the main focus for the Patriots defense. Matt Schaub will have to relieve the pressure on Foster to deliver on every single carry. If the Texans offense can’t match the Patriots, it could get ugly real early. It might be a repeat of their previous meeting this year.


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