Bob Melvin’s extension is the right move at the right time

Giving Bob Melvin the extension is a great sign for the A’s organization. The manager was voted the best last year and took the team to a miraculous AL West title run. Also, the players seem to really like him.

What makes this even better is that the A’s have a foundation for success and locking up the manager through 2016 just shows that the A’s are looking to keep that foundation in place and build a winner in Oakland.

Now with this stability, I hope the A’s will continue their success with the youngsters on the team and build a championship team this year and the years following. Melvin is a very intelligent manager and he’s the perfect man for this job. Great move all around for the organization.

Sarah Redden releases her latest 49ers rap video

YouTube sensation Sarah Redden has released her latest 49ers rap video. In this video, she’s all about Colin Kaepernick making big plays to the studs on offense like Frank Gore, Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree. Even LaMichael James gets a shout out in this video.

She’s gotten quite popular since her first video and with the 49ers on this playoff run, it’s a good time to have another hit on the board like this.

Check out her first video that got her famous.

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