Bad Lip Reading’s newest video on the NFL

If you are not familiar with this YouTube channel, they take music videos, television clips and anything else that’s popular, dub the voices with nonsensical gibberish and turn it into Internet gold.

This is their latest installment and it’s on the NFL. I must say, they’ve got something good going on.

But nothing compares to this classic: their debut video on Rebecca Black.

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Better Late Than Never – 2013 NHL Preview

What makes this such a hard prediction is that with essentially no offseason, we don’t know what any of the teams are capable of doing. With a shortened season, these kinds of predictions should be taken with a grain of salt.

Inside Sports Illustrated

NHL 13In this week’s Sports Illustrated, find everything you need to know for the 2013 NHL season, including Sports Illustrated’s pick of the Penguins over the Canucks in the Stanley Cup Final(PAGEs 28-34). Here’s how Sports Illustrated sees the playoffs shaking out: 


Central Division                              

*Red Wings (2)                                

*Blackhawks (4)                                              

*Blues (7)                                           

*Predators (8)                                  

Blue Jackets (15)                             

Northwest Division                          

*Canucks (1)                                     

*Wild (5)                                             

Avalanche (10)                                 

Flames (11)                                        

Oilers (12)                                          

Pacific Division                                

*Kings (3)                                           

*Sharks (6)                                        

Coyotes (9)                                                                                                                        

Stars (13)                                            

Ducks (14)     


Atlantic Division

*Penguins (1)

*Rangers (4)

*Flyers (5)

*Devils (7)

Islanders (13)

Northeast Division

*Bruins (2)

*Sabers (6)

Senators (10)

Maple Leafs (11)

Canadiens (12)

Southeast Division

*Capitals (3)

*Lightning (8)

Panthers (9)                                                                      

Hurricanes (14)

Jets (15)

*Denotes playoff team

Western Finals                                 Eastern Finals

Canucks over Blackhawks                   Penguins over Rangers

Stanley Cup Finals: Penguins over Canucks

And here are predictions for…

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Adidas unveils workout clothing inspired by Native American totem poles

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While reasonable people choosing from the Home Fitness Coach programs and equipment, I am not quite sure what to make of this new Adidas idea. As you already know, I hate Adidas. But this new line of clothing has me confused.

This is not the first time Native American culture has inspired sporting wear. In fact, the entire Seattle Seahawks look is inspired by Native American designs. But this one seems a little too loud for me.

First of all, the overuse of colors is a pain to the eyes. Second of all, it just seems more like a plastering of designs on an outfit.

But I’m not a Native American so I can’t speak for them and what their thoughts are on this.

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Finalists Announced in Brewers “Design a YOUniform” Contest

I really like the three designs they’ve selected as finalists. But for me, the return of Barrelman is the way to go. He’s not used as much in the current design and as for a one-time deal, I can dig this.

Cait Covers the Bases

After receiving nearly 700 submissions for the Brewers “Design a YOUniform” contest that began last fall, the Brewers today announced the three* finalists.  Today, a fan vote begins at where fans can have their say in the contest.

It was interesting to see the submitted designs.  Some had a Milwaukee flair, some had a retro taste, some went back to the Milwaukee Braves roots, some touched on Arizona and Maryvale.  The creativity shown by participants was great.

In the end, the panel narrowed it down and the final three submissions are shown below.  I like the three finalists. All use touches of Brewers design elements, but at the same time, offer a fresh and unique look.  I’m not giving away my favorite because I don’t want to sway anyone’s decision, but I would love to know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Verrecchio’s design has a good combination…

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San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick on the Cover of This Week’s Sports Illustrated

I guess now you can’t escape the fact that the rest of America is aware of Colin Kaepernick. The phenomenon isn’t new to 49ers fans but now the rest of the world is catching up. He’s taken the entire NFL world by storm and now he gets to be on the cover of this week’s SI. The last time the 49ers were on the cover was exactly a year ago after Alex Smith led the 49ers past the Saints in the playoffs.

Inside Sports Illustrated

SF Cover 1 21 13San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who rushed for more yards—181—than any other quarterback in any NFL game, threw for another 261 and finished with four TDs in a 45-31 victory over Green Bay in the NFC Divisional playoff last Saturday, is on the cover of the Jan. 21, 2013 issue of Sports Illustrated, on newsstands Wednesday. This is the first time Kaepernick has appeared on the cover, and the first time a 49er was featured on the cover since Jan. 23, 2012.

Sports Illustrated staff writer Austin Murphy (@si_austinmurphy) says that after one of the most electrifying playoff debuts in NFL History, Kaepernick has silenced critics (the college coaches who didn’t find him worthy of a scholarship; the NFL teams who picked five quarterbacks before him in the ’11 draft; and the fans who preferred Alex Smith).

 “I had a lot to prove,” Kaepernick shouted…

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Even though I don’t care about Lance Armstrong’s confession, there’s still some good left in this entire ordeal

^ Ironic, isn’t it?


I never really followed cycling. I just find no interest in it. I appreciate the athletes who train and make it part of their living. It’s not an easy sport. So when Lance Armstrong won all those Tour de France tournaments, I didn’t really care.

Even when he came back from cancer, I felt happy for him but never cared for what he did.

One thing I did appreciate about him was the Livestrong foundation he created and all the money that it raised for research and awareness.

Unfortunately, the image of that could all come falling down this week.

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