Finalists Announced in Brewers “Design a YOUniform” Contest

I really like the three designs they’ve selected as finalists. But for me, the return of Barrelman is the way to go. He’s not used as much in the current design and as for a one-time deal, I can dig this.

Cait Covers the Bases

After receiving nearly 700 submissions for the Brewers “Design a YOUniform” contest that began last fall, the Brewers today announced the three* finalists.  Today, a fan vote begins at where fans can have their say in the contest.

It was interesting to see the submitted designs.  Some had a Milwaukee flair, some had a retro taste, some went back to the Milwaukee Braves roots, some touched on Arizona and Maryvale.  The creativity shown by participants was great.

In the end, the panel narrowed it down and the final three submissions are shown below.  I like the three finalists. All use touches of Brewers design elements, but at the same time, offer a fresh and unique look.  I’m not giving away my favorite because I don’t want to sway anyone’s decision, but I would love to know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Verrecchio’s design has a good combination…

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