Quite frankly Gonzaga, you lost to Butler because you wore those ugly uniforms

I’m all for teams wearing new uniforms every now and then. It’s fine if it’s creative. But what Gonzaga wore Saturday was not that. No script or wordmark identifying the team. Instead, it was just a logo of the bulldog. It’s very boring and quite frankly, confusing since their opponents are also the Bulldogs.

With that hideous uniform, they deserved to lose like this. Please don’t wear these again. They just aren’t meant for basketball. A uniform without the school name on it is confusing on a basketball jersey.

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The Manti Te’o ESPN interview is a whole lot of confusion

If you haven’t caught up with the confusing episode of Manti Te’o, ESPN’s interview with him will confuse you even more.

The information suggests that he really was duped in the whole ordeal, that every aspect of his story is believable enough. Te’o, from the information here, is just a really naive, gullible man that fell for a prank that lasted for a long time.

Is that believable? It’s not impossible. But can we really believe that a man can be that foolish? It’s so far-fetched that it seems even more likely that he is covering up something. The information is out there and it’s harder to figure out which parts of is are real. I don’t know if we ever will but it continues to be an intriguing story to follow.

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Michael Crabtree’s sexual assault case and what to make out of it

If the allegations are true, this guy is in trouble.

If you haven’t heard the news, Michael Crabtree is being questioned on a case of sexual assault. He’s complied with everyone and is with the team in Atlanta right now.

I don’t know what to make of this. The woman reportedly went to the police a few days after the incident. That sounds fishy. But at the same time, these kinds of sexual assaults are so common in this day and age with athletes that I will never rule out anything.

It’s a surprise to me though because in my years covering Crabtree, he has never come off as a guy that would do such a thing. His shy demeanor never came off to me as a very aggressive guy that would hurt a woman.

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