My predictions for today’s championship games in the NFL

Who’s going to the Super Bowl? Check out my predictions below.

Can Frank Gore run over the Falcons?


After what the 49ers did to the Packers last week you’d think they would steamroll their way to the Super Bowl. But the Falcons are tougher than most people give them credit for. Their secondary isn’t that great which might be the 49ers’ best chance to score. But their front seven is pretty solid (if John Abraham is healthy) and the 49ers need to figure out how to run against a well-coached Mike Nolan defense.

On the other hand, the 49ers will have their hands full trying to stop the Falcons offense. Jacquizz Rodgers is turning into a great backup for Michael Turner and the 1-2 punch could give the 49ers some problems. The biggest concern is the passing game. Tony Gonzalez continues to play at a high level and the wide receivers of Julio Jones and Roddy White have caused matchup problems all year. The 49ers have to be careful on the intricate passing routes they have.

The biggest factor will come down to Colin Kaepernick. He was able to bounce back after an interception last week. Can he avoid that and play well from the start? That will determine if the 49ers can silence the loud home crowd early in the game.

Ultimately, the 49ers defense likely will set the tone for the 49ers here.

A good rushing attack by the 49ers will keep the pace and give the 49ers enough momentum to get to the Super Bowl.

49ERS WIN  28-14


These two meet again.


Do I go for the favorite or the streaking underdog? That’s what we have here as the Patriots host the Ravens. New England has played well all season to lead to me to believe they will make it to the Super Bowl. After all, their offense continues to score (despite Rob Gronkowski’s absence) and the running game has started to emerge as a serious threat.

But the Ravens have given us surprises all year, including a huge win over Denver last week. Fueled by Ray Lewis’ retirement tour, the Ravens offense continues to match up against the opposition. Ray Rice continues to be a threat while the emergence of Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin’s contribution on offense gives Joe Flacco a lot of options.

The difference in this game will come to defense. The Ravens have not played their best yet and if they cannot add pressure to Brady, this game could end real quick. Lewis has been the vocal leader and has led the team in tackles. But the biggest player is safety Ed Reed and if he can make an impact in the game.

I will drink the Kool-Aid and go with the underdogs for a Harbowl Super Bowl.



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