These NBA All-Star game shoes from Nike have an outer space theme

Space-themed Kevin Durant shoes with a subtle star and #35.

Check this out. Nike unveiled the shoes that LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant will be wearing for the All-Star game that nobody really cares about.

As is customary for many All-Stars, the game is a showcase of new footwear for the consumers. Nike has taken the idea of space travel (the game is played in Houston) and given these three players shoes to reflect that.


The fact that they are multi-colored and won’t match the actual uniforms makes this more of a display than anything else. The shoes will stand out and every sneakerhead will be trying to figure out which one they want to get.

I personally think the designs themselves aren’t too great. Sure they embody the space theme, but these are the kind of shoes that are better suited for Space Jam or something. Either way, nobody cares about the All-Star game so I’ll probably miss this one-time deal.

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