If you’re not on the Warriors bandwagon now, you better get on soon

Despite struggling with three-pointers, Stephen Curry came up clutch late in the game.

If you didn’t watch the Warriors beat the Thunder last night, you missed out on a fantastic game. To be more exact, you missed out on a win that could change the entire direction of the team’s magical season.

After over a decade of futility with one playoff appearance, the Warriors now appear to have established themselves as serious contenders to win the Pacific Division. More importantly, they’ve done it in convincing fashion.

Coming into last night, the Warriors have defeated the Clippers three times this year and also have a road win in Miami. I don’t know if people were calling the Warriors flukes up to this point, but beating the Thunder was their biggest win of the year. Defeating the team with the best record and the defending West champions goes a long way in the team’s identity.

With a healthy squad, the Warriors showed that they can truly hang with the big dogs of the league. The game showed that despite some shooting struggles from starter Stephen Curry, players like Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry helped carry the load for the bench.

Add that with the consistent contribution from Klay Thompson and David Lee, the Warriors are now a fun team to watch. No more do they become an expected loss nightly. Instead now, every game seems to be a must watch because the Warriors have a chance to win every one of them.

I’m not proclaiming that the Warriors are an up and coming team that will win numerous playoff games. But looking at this team right now, coach Mark Jackson has established a winning identity and a solid foundation. The confidence is there and the team is the talk of the NBA community.

I can sense the bandwagon fans are starting to emerge and even though they disgust me, it’s a good sign. People don’t bandwagon on a team unless they are good and right now, the Warriors are good. After years of frustration, they are a team that people can proudly identify with. I wish sports wasn’t like this but if the bandwagons are a result of a winning team, I’ll take it. It’s good to see the Warriors win again.

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