Who will be the fifth racing president at Nationals games?

EDIT: William Taft has been named the fifth president.

Joining George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt, there will be a fifth president to the famous race at Nationals Park. But who will it be?

I think any living ex-presidents, along with the current one, would be out of the question. I think the decision has to go solely on recognizability and influence. There are only three that come to mind for me if I use that criteria.

1 – Richard Nixon: He didn’t have a very good time as president as he was known for his situation with Watergate. But his face is so recognizable and his “crook” persona might make him a good bad guy in the race.

2 – FDR: Not only did he serve like 10 terms, but his face and wheelchair would make him the darkhorse in every race.

3 – JFK: Very popular president whose life was cut short. But that winning smile is something that we can all relate too. The only issue with this is that he still has descendants alive and he’s not so mythical like the others since he’s still a pretty recent president.

So who do you think will be the fifth president? Don’t give me that William Henry Harrison nonsense either.


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