Why are we so infatuated with NFL player uniform fines?

Know your uniform rules. Click to enlarge.

I’m a uniform buff. I get it. Uniforms tickle my fancy and I love reading up on it. But when it comes to fines, I actually have little to no interest on it. After all, I feel that all fines are justified in every sense.

So how come when a player is fined for his socks or sleeves he wears, people make a big fuss about it? Frank Gore’s $10,500 fine caused a lot of buzz yesterday.

If you look at the chart, these players are reminded daily of the rules. This sign is posted in every team locker room, so there is no excuse not to know of the rules. It’s a simple concept that’s adopted all over the world: Don’t show up to work out of uniform.

But why do we get so worked up when players get fined — especially for uniform violations?

There are two things that come to my mind on this.

The first thing is the fact that it’s just a uniform mishap. Does it really matter that a sock is too low? Does it matter if the sleeve is a wrong color? In a big picture of things, no it doesn’t. But when it comes to the NFL branding itself, they don’t want players to look a certain way. So when it comes to fines, it’s all justified in my opinion because there are rules to maintain a certain image and the players should adhere to that.

Secondly, what gets us all crazy about these things is the fact that the players are being fined northward of $10,000. For us regular folks, that’s a lot of money. But for the players, that’s not really much. The amount of money is so crazy that it just continues to grab our attention. But in reality, it really is just part of an ongoing process of cash for the players. Luckily these fine amounts are donated to charity. But to think that an average player can get fined for that kind of amount is insane. Some people can’t even make that amount on a job on an annual basis.

I guess this is where our reality is separated when things that we can never understand happens to people we watch on a daily basis. Like other famous people, we wish we were like them but will never understand what they go through. And even something as simple as a uniform fine, it’s a stark reminder that we are all so different despite something so common.

Rich people problems. We just can’t get enough of it.

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