Are Sharks getting new primary home and road jerseys next year?

Is this the final season we see these?

Label this under speculation.

The San Jose Sharks have been promoting a sale at their team store this entire week. Here are the details via HP Pavilion’s Facebook page.

Don’t know what to wear while you watch the Sharks take on the Oilers tonight?! Come down to the Sharks Store and stock up on jerseys!! All blank premier teal and white jerseys are buy one for $99 or buy two for $140!!! This is a FINtastic deal!!!! =) And if you are a Season Ticket Holder you get 30% off everything in the store (except the jersey promotion!) See you at the tank!!

By this logic, it would be a sign that the team is ridding of their stock because of a future uniform change. This is what normally happens with other teams when they are making a change. They lower prices of the jerseys that will no longer be in use.

Could this be a change for the Sharks next year?

What I am hearing from the uniform community is that this is the route the team is taking. The Sharks will make a jersey change to their home and road jerseys. The black thirds will remain.

If that’s the case, then we know for sure that the current logo set won’t change, but rather the design of the jerseys. Is it a move to less orange?

This makes me wonder since I got a teal jersey recently and I don’t want to jump on more Sharks gear if they are making a change.

I’ll keep an eye out if more sales continue. If they do, then it’s safe to assume the team is unloading inventory for the change although I still want to see something official. I just hope they remain teal since they are the last ones left.

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