Nike unveils Pro Bowl uniforms for this Sunday

Nike has unveiled the uniforms for the Pro Bowl this year. I’m not sure if anyone will actually watch the game, but here are the looks for both the NFC and AFC squads.

The template design is the same cut as the ones used during the regular season. The inspiration for the design takes from the 1970s and I think simplifying the uniform after some poor designs in previous years is a good idea. After all, this might be the last Pro Bowl we’ll see.

NFC Pro Bowl jersey.

The NFC will be the home team with the blue jersey and white pants. Players will wear their own team helmets with their team logo placed on the right side of their jersey. The Pro Bowl logo is on left side.

The AFC team will wear the white jersey with red pants. It’s basically the same design as the NFC team except for the switch in color. Balancing the uniforms like this is a great idea and gives both the AFC and NFC teams a fantastic aesthetic this Sunday.

AFC’s Pro Bowl jersey.

What do you think of these designs?

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