Nike unveils uniform outfit for Ravens and 49ers in the Super Bowl

New cleats for the 49ers and Ravens.

Nike has just unveiled the new cleats and gloves the players have the option of wearing for the Super Bowl this Sunday.


The uniforms remain the same except for the Super Bowl patch. As confirmed last week, the 49ers are the home team and will wear their red jerseys. The Ravens are in the whites.

Let’s get a closer look at what the two teams will be wearing.

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Both the cleats and gloves look fine to me. Now that there are less restrictions on how much of the team colors are used on cleats and gloves, the design here is pretty good.


The Nike Alpha Pro Cleat is designed for explosive speed with an adaptive Nike Flywire support structure that creates an anatomical fit resulting in more stability while locking the foot in place. Additional features include:

  • Lightweight ¾ length Phylon wedge midsole for heel to mid-foot support, increased forefoot control, and low profile cushioning
  • New outsole cleat pattern designed for burst speed and quick change of direction
  • Pebax outsole offers lightweight strength and propulsion features a traction system.
  • Conical shaped cleat tip creates easy ground penetration and release
  • Bladed cleat base provides 360 degrees of grip for precise grip and quick cuts


Nike athletes on both teams will wear the new Nike Vapor Fly Glove featuring seamless Nike Hyperfuse construction on the back of the hand. It’s engineered with no-cuff construction to reduce weight and increase grip coverage. The palm features next-generation Magnigrip material for improved durability and also has a unique tacky grip across a larger surface area on the palm.

Hyperfuse construction along the back of the hand provides a seamless, breathable fit. Team logo graphic on the palm, which interlocks when both hands form together. The no-cuff construction reduces weight and increases grip coverage.The molded strap is adjustable for a custom fit at the cuff and palm. The articulated fingers of the gloves provide a secure fit and added dexterity.

That’s a lot of information on the stuff. And realistically, it’s lot of information that really doesn’t matter. As long as they’re functional, then it’s good.


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