Jaguars unveil new logo after two decades of existence — a quick breakdown

New Jaguars logo.

New Jaguars logo.

Owner Shad Khan continues to put his mark on the Jacksonville Jaguars. On Tuesday, the owner unveiled a new logo for the team — the first logo change for the team since their inception in 1995. Of course, their original logo was shot down by the car company.

This new logo incorporates a similar look to their previous logo, but as stated during the press conference, the idea was to make it look more “authentic, life-like, fearsome” with the intent on keeping teal as it has been part of the team history.

Much like the Panthers, the team that came into the league with the Jaguars, it’s a slight modification to their old look. But in my opinion, this logo is fine. I am glad that the team kept the gold and teal.

The team also introduced a military-inspired shield logo which you can expect to see on the field. The wordmark also gets tightened up a little too.

Military-inspired logo.

Military-inspired logo.

Is this an upgrade? I don’t think I can say so. Their previous logo was so much better. It was simple and carried a lot of history. Their logo in my opinion was the best in the league. This new one doesn’t carry it. It seems like a kind of logo that you can find in a Madden video game during “Create A Team” or something.

I don’t know if I am OK with the cartoonish Thundercats feel, but it does have a fierce look. The teal is still there, which to me was real important. The wordmark is fine.

It’s hard to say if this is the best move for the team. But I can’t hold judgment yet until the new uniforms are unveiled, which will likely come on draft day.

But so far with what I have seen, I can accept it. The previous logo means a lot to me since it was the main reason why I became a Jaguars fan. This new one has high expectations. It’s OK, but I’ll wait until the new uniforms are shown.

But as of right now, I’m not impressed or disappointed.


Here’s the team’s official press release:

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Feb. 5, 2013 – The Jacksonville Jaguars today introduced a new brand identity that is inspired in equal parts by the bold vision and promise of a new generation for the club, the passion Jaguars fans have for their team and the exceptional  elationship the Jaguars have shared with Jacksonville for the past 18 NFL seasons.

Now entering their 19th NFL season, and second under owner Shad Khan, the Jaguars will immediately march forward with a comprehensive rebranding effort tailored to reflect three distinct and powerful attributes that will describe and guide the Jaguars on and off the field – proud, bold and committed.

“To be a success in business or life, you have to stand for something and hold yourself accountable to the principles you believe in,” Khan said. “The Jacksonville Jaguars will not be casual in this responsibility, which we owe ourselves, our fans and the Jacksonville community.

“From this day, the Jacksonville Jaguars will live a brand mission of being proud, bold and committed in everything we do. Our new logo and campaign theme are the first initiatives of what will be many examples of bringing this philosophy to life. A new era for the Jaguars begins today.”

Highlighting the new brand identity is a vibrant redesign of the team’s time-honored Jaguar logo that has adorned the team’s helmets since opening NFL play in 1995, as well as a refinement of the Jacksonville Jaguars logotype and the introduction of military-inspired secondary logo. The brand identity will be brought to life in 2013 under the theme “Stand United,” which universally speaks to the new era ahead for the team and the rallying spirit of Jaguars fans for nearly two decades.

“The new brand message, logo treatment and campaign theme we are introducing today will be critical components to the ongoing revitalization of the Jaguars franchise,” said Jaguars President Mark Lamping. “Change is exciting and it is certainly ahead for all of us.

“But, we were careful to remain faithful to the values that Jaguars fans and the Jacksonville region have embraced since Day One, and the result is a new look and approach that we feel will make an immediate and lasting impact. We are grateful for the role the NFL played in this process, as no one understands better than the NFL the importance of balancing tradition with an eye to the future.”

The new visual identity system is the result of several months of collaboration with the NFL, incorporating specific insight from our fans in 2012 and in recent years.

“It was important to evolve the logo, in collaboration with the Jaguars, in a manner that recognizes the team’s existing brand equity, embraces the organization’s strong values, and undeniably reflects the direction of the team and the community of Jacksonville,” said Jaime Weston, Vice President Brand and Creative, NFL.

“It was a terrific experience for the league to work with an enthusiastic and pioneering franchise like the Jaguars. The new logo will play a major role in the Jaguars’ vision and mission to be proud, bold and committed.”

Highlights include:

Jaguars Logo. The refreshed identity stays true to the Jaguars traditional colors of black, teal and gold while offering a fiercer jaguar, amplifying the powerful characteristics of the cat. Using more accurate detailing, the logo is now a closer depiction of a real jaguar.

Taking fan feedback into account, specific design changes include realigning the jaw, adjusting the positioning of the ear and adding white around the mouth and eye to more closely reflect the animal. Additional details that further customize the jaguar design include accents to the eye and nose of the Jaguars’ teal, a color unique within the NFL, and the addition of gold to create a more dimensional, realistic feel.

Logotype. The logotype, or word mark, has been slightly updated by removing the trailing lines from the bottom of the word “Jaguars”. Additionally, each word is now one solid color following the removal of the outline around each letter.

Secondary Mark. The Jaguars will introduce a shield featuring the new Jaguars logo underneath a bold graphic treatment of the nickname “Jags,” paying homage to the military roots of Jacksonville and celebrating the fan-inspired Jags nickname.

The rollout of the new logos will be celebrated throughout the 2013 season as part of the team’s “Stand United” theme, which will embody the brand promise of proud, bold and committed in all corners of Jaguars nation. “Stand United” will drive all team marketing, advertising, website, public relations efforts and much more, beginning with renewal information being mailed this week to Jaguars season ticket holders.

“’Stand United’ is about the community and the team coming together, and it represents a theme and way of life that anyone who loves the Jaguars and Jacksonville can personally understand and appreciate,” Khan said.

“’Stand United’ has great potential to become a grassroots movement, something our players and fans alike can adopt, activate and celebrate. It’s time to make a statement, and it starts with ‘Stand United.’’’

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