One minor change that could vastly improve the Jaguars’ new logo

What if the logo wasn’t so stretched out?

After about a day to simmer on the new Jacksonville Jaguars logo, I have come to the conclusion that I like it. I don’t love it, but I can accept it for what it is. There still needs to be some room for the uniform to see the full effect of the rebrand.

But as I look at the logo, there was one thing that bothered me about it. The face looked too long. Some comments say that the face looks too feminine because the face is so long. Because of that, the logo isn’t as great as it could have been.

Then it came to my realization that if the logo wasn’t stretched out, rather condensed in, it would look a whole lot better. As you can see, the logo looks a lot better without a stretched out long face.

The stretched look appears to make the logo look faster, fiercer, etc. But the ratio logo appears to have lasting elements that could go another two decades.

I know such change won’t happen now, but maybe in a couple years? Who knows?


2 thoughts on “One minor change that could vastly improve the Jaguars’ new logo

  1. I really really hope you’ve shared this with the team. I wanted to like the new logo but something felt off–I’m pretty sure you nailed it. Your version looks right!

  2. I agree that condensing the logo is a major design upgrade. While I think it’s decent, the original was more graphic and imposing. This one keeps giving me the feeling of an angry house cat. And it becomes milder when condensing. I think the problem derives from the upper jaw being too narrow. A thicker, stronger upper jaw would be more powerful, as would perhaps more neck and back. Just my two cents from a fellow designer…

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