Former Duke star Jay Williams says he attempted suicide after accident

This breaks my heart but I am glad he never went through with it. Depression is one thing that a lot people will never understand. I don’t understand it fully but I can understand that depression is a serious thing and at times, people need the right help. It’s tough to open up about it but I hope that this message can reach those who are battling it.

Power Rankings: A sign of feeble minds trying to make sense of nothing


Ever since I got into sports journalism, one thing that has always bothered me was “Power Rankings” in sports. In fact, I tried to understand its purpose and have come to conclusion that it’s one of the most useless things ever.

Unless it’s college football, where rankings actually matter, power rankings serve no purpose. All it is really is the opinion of one or more ┬ápeople ranking teams on who they think are better than others.

No statistics. No logic. Just opinions.

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