Power Rankings: A sign of feeble minds trying to make sense of nothing


Ever since I got into sports journalism, one thing that has always bothered me was “Power Rankings” in sports. In fact, I tried to understand its purpose and have come to conclusion that it’s one of the most useless things ever.

Unless it’s college football, where rankings actually matter, power rankings serve no purpose. All it is really is the opinion of one or more  people ranking teams on who they think are better than others.

No statistics. No logic. Just opinions.

Yet people eat up power rankings like it’s the last food remaining. Why do people care so much about it? I couldn’t care less where my team is on the rankings. All I care is about the standings. Power rankings have no value.

So can someone explain to me the value of power rankings? Why do people love it when it is essentially a useless thing?

It’s a way to measure where teams are, I get it. But why do people love it so much? It’s not real and everybody’s is different. Are people just so caught up with the fantasy of reality?


One thought on “Power Rankings: A sign of feeble minds trying to make sense of nothing

  1. Regarding the ridiculous power rankings for professional sports
    purpose: to hook sports fanatics with a catchy title, and thereby sell more advertising, hats, and jerseys.
    How it works: Stats and complex analysis are great for those who have the intelligence, patience, and time to use them effectively. Most people aren’t patient, diligent, or smart enough to benefit from such analysis. They want the quick, the easy, and the simple. The McDonald’s method.

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