Pirates are leaving it up to fans to decide on new logo in 2014

Farewell angry pirate.

The iconic “P” on the Pirates caps will remain the same. But the Pirates are looking for a new patch logo for their uniforms in 2014.

The above logo of the pirate has been used since 1997 but the team is asking season ticket holders, corporate partners, suite holders and random fans to help pick a new one. With their input, the team will create a new logo for the team.

I for one am on board with this. In the past, whenever fans have a majority input on logos and uniform designs, usually it turns out pretty good. I want to see how these fans come up with what I expect to be a pretty solid new logo.


The rumored ugly Warriors jersey from months ago appear to be reality

Oh my...

Oh my…

When the NBA season started, there was a rumor about the Warriors wearing a new alternate with sleeves. It was a rumor at the time but it wasn’t thought of to be serious. And as the season continued, there was no more talk of it so it appeared that it would be scrapped.

Today, the uniforms resurfaced again and the nightmare has returned. And they will be unveiled tonight! They are set to wear them on February 22, March 8 and 15. This will be the first team in the modern NBA era to wear a jersey that’s not a tank top. Adidas has been toying with this idea since 2o11.

Let me be the first to say that when I saw this uniform months ago, I was against it. Now seeing the full thing, I stick with what I said.


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Atlanta Braves avoid PR nightmare with new modified batting practice caps

New Braves batting practice cap.

New Braves batting practice cap.

Remember when the new batting practice caps were released and the Atlanta Braves got a lot of heat for their design?

It appears that the pressure to change the cap got to the team and they will not be going with the original design. Instead, they are going with the simple “A” logo for their batting practice cap.

This was something that a lot of people expected but until we actually saw it, it was just a lot of wondering whether or not the Braves would avoid potential disaster.

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Pitchers and catchers report: I am so happy!

Baseball is back!

Is it here? Is it finally here?

As you know I am a huge baseball fan so naturally today is a big day for me. It’s so great that this is the beginning of baseball again. I can hold my hopes up to what the baseball season could give me, especially the Oakland A’s.

There’s a lot of optimism and there is a chance the A’s can repeat as division champions. With a bunch of new names going to new places, it’s going to be a fun season to watch. And it all begins right with this day.

It’s going to be good times from here on out. In fact, I might go down to Phoenix to catch a couple games just for kicks!